Ikea pouf make over

I had this wonderful little bamboo pouf from ikea, but it was totaly destroyed from my cats nails (anyone who has cats knows how that feels he he). I had it for some time now in a corner because i didn’t want to throw it away without trying to make something of it. So I disided to take off all the damaged bamboo stripes and cover it with colorful fabrics instead.
You want to make your own? Here’s how.

You need:
– lots of fabrics in different colors (preferably jersey fabrics)
– A pair of scissors
– ikea bamboo pouf

Start by cutting your fabrics in stripes of about 10-15cm width. I chose different hues and patterns of green, blue, red and grey.

Tie them in the middle wire of the pouf and then twist them together.

Tie more fabric at the end of each stripe to continue. As you go run the fabric through the wires to make it more stable, continue twisting the fabric until you fill it all around.


And it’s done!! I’m so happy I can use it again in my living room.

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