A hundred and ninety pages


Ok this is one of the times that i’m probably going to sound too emotional.

What? For a sketch book that it’s blank pages end? That’s crazy! You must be thinking.

Well yes! However, before you think that i’m going crazy i will explain my self.

You have to know that this is a sketch book that i carry with me for over 6 years now. A 190 page book that i slowly filled up with memories and feelings that were written or drawn with all my heart into its every page. It has been more or less my visual diary for the past few years as this was it’s original purpose.

Sometimes i neglected it, many times i tried not to, but summing the time up, this sketch book had a few good months of absence from my life. Months that had a lack of creativity and inspiration which have also came to an end as these pages where slowly filled. Months that unfortunately everyday life took over the urge to create. Those where times that i now understand that i might have not been my self, not being creative as i wanted to be. Not everything is always bright you see.

This is not a simple and a regular sketch book as the others i own. Instead it consists of experiences, difficulties, happiness or sadness of a lifetime and by going through it’s pages i can re-live situations and remember things that i would probably could not have remembered if they were not in there. Either good or bad they are all in there.

So, today i celebrate the end of those blank pages and this one piece publication of my work and life that i will cherish for years to come. I celebrate the end of a sketch book that took me so many years to finish and to the relief of expression that brought to me in times i needed it. And of course the start of a new one with hopefully much more creativity, more exploration, many projects and inspiration to come.

Forty seven pages out of a hundred and ninety:




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