Frida’s tears

I had made this illustration of Frida Kahlo a few weeks ago but i didn’t feel it was finished at that point. Every other day i had a look at it but still i had this feeling that it needed something.
I do that a lot with my work. I work on something, leave it to rest for a day or two and then i have a look at it again, then i’ll know if there’s something missing. Most of the times, in a week or so i determine whether or not the design is finished. This time it took me a bit longer.
On the other hand i could do that for months without getting the decision that a work i did is finally finished. Leonardo da Vinci once quoted “Art is never finished, only abandoned.” and sometimes that’s what i feel. That i could work on a piece adding and changing things to it forever and then again never feel any satisfaction for the result. I don’t want going back and forth without having the right judgment whether i got to “Abandon” the design. That’s why i put a dead line to it, not a strict one but just something as a small reminder to get on with it.
So it took me a few weeks working on and off on this, passed over my “dead line” this time, so i let it rest a few more days without even thinking about it. When i recently decided to open the file i tried to mix it up with one of my hand drawn pattern designs, i knew that i was on the right track. To be honest i felt that i have two styles of work right now and the next step was to combine them.
So here it is.



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